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Top 5 Unique Tips for GMB Claim & Verify   

Claiming and verifying your Google My Business (GMB) profile is like planting a flag in the digital world, letting everyone know your business exists. But waiting for a postcard in the mail can feel like forever! This guide unveils some hidden gems to claim and verify your GMB profile faster and hassle-free.

Skip the Snail Mail:

Traditional postcard verification can take weeks. Luckily, Google offers quicker alternatives! If you have a phone number listed with your business, you might be eligible for phone verification. During a call, Google will ask you to confirm a code on your screen. For some companies, video verification is an option. Here, you’ll record a short video showing your storefront and yourself holding a specific sign.

Verifying Without a Visit:

Imagine claiming your bakery GMB profile without leaving the kitchen! If you manage your business online (like a delivery service) or have a virtual office, Google might allow verification through a virtual tour. It involves creating a 360-degree video showcasing your online workspace.

Co-claiming Your GMB

Running a business with a partner? GMB understands! You can co-claim your profile. Both partners must be present during phone or video verification to prove joint ownership.

Social Proof Power:

Have you got a rockstar social media presence or a popular business website? Google might allow verification through these existing accounts. This option links your GMB profile to your established online identity, proving your business’s legitimacy.

Video Verification Hacks

Do you think video verification sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production! Here are some secret tips:

  • Light Up Your Business: Film with plenty of natural light during the day.
  • Show, Don’t Tell: Pan your camera around your storefront or workspace.
  • Be Yourself: Smile, relax, and speak clearly – your personality shines through!
  • Keep it Short & Sweet: Aim for a video under 30 seconds.
  • Tech Check: Use a good-quality phone camera and ensure a stable internet connection.

Remember, a well-optimized GMB profile attracts customers and boosts your local search ranking.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Consider GMB optimization services – they’ll handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on running your fantastic business!

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